We don't just talk the talk. We walk the walk. Nurse Page with her new daughter.

Prenatal- Expecting Parents

The Healthy Child schedules informational meetings with expectant parents several times a month.  Parents meet with both doctors to tour the office and discuss the philosophy of The Healthy Child.  This is an opportunity for us to answer your questions before the happy event and a chance for you to get to know us. Please call for an appointment.

When your baby is born, if you deliver at Stamford Hospital, the hospital will notify us and one of our pediatricians will be there to visit you and your baby every day.  If you deliver elsewhere, when you know your date of discharge, you will call us to arrange your first appointment.  Newborns are seen, at least, weekly and then monthly for the first four months.

New Parents Discussion Groups  Parenting an infant for the first time is a thrilling, challenging experience. At The Healthy Child, we feel that it is important to extend our support to the families of our newborns.  We hold small discussion groups for the parents (and caregivers) of infants in our practice. Both doctors are there to answer your questions and provide information on well child care, as well as, when to call the doctor. It is also an opportunity for you to connect with other new parents to share experiences.  Of course, you are welcome to bring your baby, too.