Here's a great article with a lot to think about in today's troubled times.

Read about David Brook's new book, "The Second Mountain."  He writes about how our country is now in a spiritual and emotional crisis and the lies our culture is based on: 

As our children seem to spiral into anxiety and sometimes suicidal depression, this article addresses how today's culture has led us to false beliefs.  This article and David's new book address the way society has made it so difficult to be a young adult today.



We have expanded our Elta product line of sunscreen and moisturizer products to include a tinted sunscreen at your request!
Available at the office of The Heathy Child.




It's Form Season! Happy Spring!

Camp forms, sports forms and school forms are flooding The Healthy Child! 

We want to remind you to please leave at least a week for forms to be filled out and to please call us before coming in to pick up completed forms.

Individual forms are $20 and additional forms brought in at the same time are $10 each.  There is a $50 charge to expedite a form.

To fill out camp forms and school forms, the doctors at The Healthy Child require that your child have a physical within the last twelve months and we strongly recommend annual physicals for your children whether or not you need forms. Please fill out the first page of the form completely.

This is also a good time to plan ahead and book appointments for summer physicals.  The summer is always a busy time at our practice and we want to meet your scheduling needs.

If your vacation or study plans include travel outside the United States, please book a travel visit to make sure vaccines are up to date for the countries you will be visiting.


An important and relevant read about screens 


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